What to Consider Before Buying Adjustable Desks?



Don’t skimp on desk depth, meaning the front-to-back tabletop distance as you face the adjustable desk. Most desks are available with at least a 30’’ depth, which is adequate for most users. Anything less will force the monitor closer to the user, which may impact visual preferences and capabilities, potentially reducing visual performance and inviting eye strain or discomfort.

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This is again a question of available space and your work preferences. Adjustable desks and tables come in many different sizes and shapes, including L-shapes, so pick the best option for your work habits and needs.



As long as you adhere to the other recommendations, electric or pneumatic are strongly recommended. Crank adjustments generally require far too many ‘’cranks’’ to get them properly adjusted, and few users have the patience to use them. However, if you choose a standing/perching design, a crank can work just fine, since the adjustment range is limited.



Each adjustable desk has a weight capacity, and most models have plenty of capacity for typical desktop items. However, if you anticipate a need to locate heavy items on the desktop, be sure to pay attention to weight capacities.



Electric adjustable desks utilize small electrical motors, and some models are louder than others. If the desk will be used in the home, small office or a private area, noise is typically not a concern. However, if the adjustable desk will be in a public or open work area, consider the effect adjustment noise may have on co-workers or customers. None produce ‘’deafening’’ volumes, of course, so this consideration is a matter of preference.



This is also a matter of preference. Most electric adjustable desks and tables today adjust fast enough to satisfy most uses and users, but some adjust faster than others if speed is important to you.



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