The Working Principle of the Electric Lifter of the Standing Table

Many friends will ask about the performance and working principle of the standing table when they buy the standing table. For those who do not know this kind of equipment, they may not know much about it. In fact, the standing table is not so mysterious, especially the electric standing table. The working principle, let's take a look together below.


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The structure of the standing table


It is mainly composed of a steel frame, a motor and a table board. The simpler standing table is controlled by electric motor, and then the motor rotates to complete the standing of the table. Compared with this kind of electric manual standing table, it is much inconvenient, but the electric one cannot be separated from the power source, and the manual one can be used anywhere.


The principle of electric lifter for standing table


The electric lifter of the standing table is mainly composed of a motor, a central controller, and a hand controller. The basic working principle is that when the current passes through the central controller, the motor is operated by remote control, thereby driving the relevant parts of the lift table to move. . Then the legs of the standing table will drive the standing of the entire table, which also realizes various height changes of the table.


The above is about the working principle of the electric standing table. The principle is actually relatively simple. It is only cleverly combined with the table, so the electric standing table appears. If you are interested in the standing table, you might as well take a look at the above content.

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