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Easy assembly and nice quality for price!

Product arrived earlier than expected in very compact packaging. Assembly was extremely easy, and the quality of the desk is great. Would definitely buy again!

Its perfect

The height is perfect. Easy to put together. I love it.

Perfect for the price!

Always wanted a dual monitor setup on a budget. Already had a 27" monitor and I found a cheap 21" monitor which looks similar. Nice finish on the stand and is very sturdy. Padding on the top side of the clamp but not the bottom so it wont damage the top of the desk but it could damage the underside of your desk if overtightened. Comes with different size screws, spacers and good quality allen keys.

Highly recommended if you are new to dual monitors or want a cheap mount.

Excellent table

This table's design and quality are excellent. The structure is simple and graceful and easy to assemble. The material is very solid with proper weight to hold on steady and to move around.

Love my new desk!

I took a gamble and it paid off hugely, the standing for work and seated for gaming or typing has been brilliant. Beyond happy with my new setup

Worth the money

So, I have been looking for SOMETHING to put in my garage as a "desk" or "work table".. I was originally going to put this in the home office, but the wife threw a big VETO!! I had seen some of these adjustable desks at Staples, Office Depot and Costco, at a higher price, so I took a flyer on this...
The box itself was about 100 lbs, and the Fedex guys did a great job of delivering it to my door... Thanks guys. Total of about 10 pieces to assemble (not including screws and bolts). The top IS particle board and it is 2 pieces, so not the sturdies, but for what I have planned, it should be fine. If I ever come across a 2" butchers block at a reasonable price, I will probably swap out the top. The assembey was pretty straight fwd, took me about 1 hour to assemble by myself in the garage with 95" heat index (if not higher).Over all I am very pleased with the product at this price point. I will post a video about 4-6 weeks from now, after I have used it more and seen what the quirks are! Thanks for looking and I hope this review helps you all make a more informed purchase...

Excellent height adjustable desk

If you are handy, there is no difficulty to assemble this desk. The package has included all tools except for a small Phillip screwdriver. After it is assembled, it is easy to use. The desk is very wide, the same width as the transitional office desk. You wont complain the computer monitors too close to your eyes. Definitely it is worth your money.

This is the working desk that I have been looking for.

I have looking for this type of desk for a long time and I found this is a good one with qualities.
1. easy to assemble
2. motor operates very quite
3. the transmission pole is very easy to install
4. cable management is very reasonable and easy to arrange
5. 4 different position level to setup into the memory keys
6. desktop pattern is great that I love very much

This is amazing

I got this about a couple of weeks ago, and I had to write a review about this, for the price this is the best one I've bought so far. ( I had a similar one from office depot, and it was cheaply made). This is roughly what I estimated maybe about 200ish lbs. Since I couldn't lift the box myself, I assume this must be very heavy in the upper 200lb range. the packaging is amazing.
I've never seen a heavy-weighted product are packed so nicely, usually, when I get something of this kind of weight, it has some sort of dent and scratches. I mean it's no big deal but for the money, I paid for shouldn't I get something that's well protected? Overall, after installation, the lifting process and the installation was very smooth and easy ( you might not understand the manual book, but look at the video, there's an URL link attached to one of the desk panel. just pay attention when you browse through the pieces) the video installation was very straight forward and easy to follow. But do be very careful with those metal pieces. They are very heavy, so take extra caution when you put them together ( I accidentally dropped it, and yea, there's a dent on my wood floor).
The desk size is probably one of the largest I've seen. It is perfect when you have 2-3 monitors (software development/stock analysis), might be a bit too big for the most rooms, so best for you to measure your room before you decide on the sizes.

Great spending

We received yesterday and we put it together. Not hard work and very simple. We tried it out last night. Great. It makes easy to WFH and I love it.

Well Worth the Price and Great Customer Service Support

The desk can be a challenge to assemble if you have limited space.
My desk had a defect in the rod used to raise and lower the desk. I reached out to customer service and was beyond impressed with their quick response and dedication to get my issue resolved. They sent me a replacement part which arrived in 2 days. I would definitely recommend this desk and products in general from this reliable vendor. The desk is also well worth the price in comparison to other vendors that have much higher price points.

Great Standing Desk with Solid Quality

Great product. When I assemble the desk, I can feel the material and parts are solid and heavy compared with my previous IKEA table. Especially those connects between parts are super sturdy and firm. Im planning to buy a 49 inch curved monitor on top of it because it can load heavy stuffs on. The motions going up and down are very smooth. The only issue was that a bag of screws were not sealed when I open the box. Fortunately the box was closed perfectly didn't lost any screw.

Excellent product.

Its arrived and Im very pleased with it. All the instructions made perfect sense. All the things you need to assemble, are all in well marked bags. Its pretty simple to put together. About 45 mins in total. Works brilliantly, and so much better than others I've seen, and way better value. Solid build and its great to have 4 Memory settings. Overall brilliant.

Inexpensive and delivers what you need from such a desk

Inexpensive and exactly what I was looking for.
The manual is a bit confusing, but after fixing the legs, you'll figure out the rest. Fixed a top from Brico, 120x80, fits perfectly. Sturdy and stable at any height.
Quite during operation and also quick.

Sturdy and easy to assemble

I'm sensitive to smells and glad that this product doesnt have any unpleasant odor.

It is sturdier than expected and has no sharp corner or edge, which are important for a family with little kids.

Assembling is pretty straightforward. I put it together by myself and didnt even ask my husband for help.

I love my adjustable electric desk, easy to assemble

I have been needing a desk like this for my office so I started doing a lot of research on standing desks, and to be completely honest I was looking for one I could afford and after coming across this desk I was ecstatic! I just love how It adjusts to any level that I need. I like the fact that its very sturdy also very easy to assemble it didnt take my husband no more than one hour.
Don't let the cheap price fool you, its great quality!
This was my first adjustable electric desk and I definitely will purchase again !!!!!! Im very pleased

A thing of beauty!!

It arrived in a pretty beat up box and I was concerned, but it came out just fine. Took a bit of work to put it together. My husband and our 10 year old son did it together in about 1 hour. Once it was together it works perfectly. It rises smoothly, a bit of wobble at tallest setting, but not enough to be concerning. I am so happy I purchased this one. I looked at A LOT of options and I think I found the best one. Love that it has dual motors, I think it will help it last longer and it certainly seems to rise smoother than other single motor desks I've seen. It will serve very well as an at home work desk that I can easily set up my under desk treadmill and walk while I work.

Excellent office table!!!

Excellent table for long hour use in front of my computer. Especially the features that allow the table to raise up it really relieves the pressure of my back. I am now naturally straightening up my back when I am in front of my computer. I am now tempted to use a taller stools because of this feature. Definitely an excellent investment for people that spend a long time in front of the computer.

Great value for money, better than IKEA's

Very good product for the price. The instructions in the manual wasn't the best but they have a YouTube channel that explains how to assemble it whuch is handy. It also comes with things to tidy the cables.

Perfect for working from home

Once this desk arrived I had a strong hunch that it was going to be a solid piece. Particularly give the fact that its got some substantial weight to it, and needs two people to carry it. Unboxing it I found everything packed diligently and couldnt find a single scratch or dent. Assembly was relatively easy and the desk was assembled in about 45 minutes. Best bet is to have a second person helping you, thatll make the project much faster. The instructions are decent, however, I felt they could have used more blown up diagrams or pictures to give a better visual on what goes where. I like the fact that they put wire tie downs on the underside of the desk to keep it clean looking and keep the wires away from moving parts. Once we got it assembled and placed it where we wanted it was time to test it out. The digital touchscreen panel is easy to use and the manual will also help with programming height settings. Now at the push of a button we can take the desk from a sitting height to standing to help alleviate sitting all day. Overall the desk is really well built and very sturdy, it can hold quite a bit of weight according to the manual. Im very pleased with this product and think its a great addition to ones home office. Give it a try!

P.S. - only reason I docked this a star was due to the instructions and felt that they need polishing.

Great, quick desk standing or sitting

This is my first sit or stand desk(other than some wobbly wood pieces I made to set on top of a normal desk I had before this to be able to stand at). I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but this desk feels solid both sitting and standing. It's definitely low enough to sit at comfortably with a chair, and goes almost as high as my shoulders. It was also quite easy to set the 4 presets so that I simply double-click 1 and it goes to the sitting height I want, and double-clicking 3 goes to the standing height I want. And I didn't know just how slow it might be, but it's definitely faster than the speed I was thinking in my head. I uploaded a video of bottom to top height. I think the video may sound louder than in person. There is definitely noticeable sound, but I don't see any problems. I mean, if you set this up right next to your bed and your significant other is sleeping then you could wake them, but for the most part it should basically be just about 10 seconds of a medium whir.

So far, I've only used it with a laptop, but there is a cable pass through built into the desktop, and there were several cable management stickies for your cables to place as you find convenient.
There's also nicely a USB port built into the control panel. It's not super powerful, but will still come in handy to always have available right where you need it.

Sturdy, spacious desk with easy assembly

Easy assembly took an only an hour, it runs well and was much bigger than I had expected. The seller provided good cable management and it suited all my needs. Goes plenty high and low, as I am relatively tall. Would recommend to my friends!

Great budget adjustable desk. would buy again..

Good value, goes up and down well. but not sure what measurement to display number is in. at regular desk height it says 76.5. also it's easy to bump control panel while working. I would buy again.

Exactly what I wanted

Great value for the money!!! Works well, easy to assemble (although you DO have to closely follow instructions) and looks great. Bought mounting arms for my THREE monitors and the motor handles no problem. Only thing I would like improved is the cord placement. Instructions and pre-drilled holes attach to the under side of the desk near the front. I moved them to the back to accommodate some adhesive drawers I got. Not big enough to dock any stars.

Easy assembly and quality construction

I recently purchased this desk for my girlfriend who are works from home. She told me she loves it.
This product is really well put together and sturdy. The one touch operation to raise and lower the desk, along with the preset memory height adjustments make it so simple to use. She is able to go from sitting to standing in a few seconds with the touch of 1 button and vice-versa. If you want your standing desk to be motorized, but you dont want to pay too much, then check out this one. It benefits from a quiet motor lift, with a keypad that allows for three customizable height presets. I would definitely purchase again!

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