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Maidesite Electric Standing Desk Reviews

Real voice from genuine customers about how they work with Maidesite height adjustable electric standing desk to keep good wellbeing and increase WFH efficiency!
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Heavy but very sturdy and rigid, amazing value for money and fairly easy to put together

Very good product easy to use, easy to assemble, the only additional thing you need to have outside of what's included is a Philips head screw driver. I found it to be very sturdy once fully assembled. Very responsive controller with 4 included height profiles and a sit and stand timer included.

Not as easy to assemble as it looks if you're doing it solo just because of the weight.

Once assembled and in place I couldn't love this desk more. It gets me up and let's me move around while I'm working. The work surface is plenty large enough for my tower, dual monitors, keyboard, mouse and other work accessories. Only thing I didn't like was the sticky cord support didn't stay put and fell off the first day.

Amazing Product!

I am so happy with this. I used it to replace the legs that came with my custom desk from ETSY. The desk is heavy without my iMac and other stuff so went for the model that took the most weight.

It goes super high as well for when my back gets sore and I need to stand to edit.

Absolutely Fantastic

I did not like any of the alternative standing desks available from IKEA etc, so I had the idea to use a 200x60x4 solid wood worktop to create my desk. I could not be happier with the result. The Maidesite Dual Motor Legs have ample power to easily deal with this 40kg piece of wood and the unit has been working fantastically well, albeit I have only had it for a couple of days. I truly hope this lasts the test of time because at the moment I am very happy with the legs and would definitely recommend!

Great WFH desk!

This desk is awesome. This desk is a big reason why my WFH space has me productive and confortable. The single motor is just fine for lifting two monitors plus their mounts (VIVO), a laptop and its mount (VIVO again), keyboard, mouse, lamp and accessories quietly and efficiently. The desktop is large enough for all the hardware you see, and it's beautiful, love the wood grain. I'm happy with this investment.

Clyde Brisendine

I love the height differences you can get with this desk. From very low to bar countertop high. Its very easy to assemble and use. The only disadvantage Ive found is that if you set the desk height and the power goes off, you loose the setting, but not a big deal since the controls are so handy. If youre considering this desk, buy it. You wont be disappointed.

Great quality for the price

Used to convert an existing corner desk to a rising sit/stand corner desk; build quality is excellent - very heavy duty steelwork and relatively easy to build and attach to existing desktop which weighs 40-50kg + my monitors and peripherals.
Rise/fall speed is good using 4 memory positions / stability good with minimal wobble. Overall highly recommended for the price point.

This is a study desk. The quality is very good

Its easy to assemble but you should determine which screws goes where before you assemble the desk. The desktop is one piece compared to other desks that comes with a split desktop. Thats a plus. The dual motors are quiet enough not to disturb anyone. I recommend this desk who is on a budget.

Great desk

Great standing desk. Set up was super easy and the desk is extremely well built and sturdy!

Easy assembly and nice quality for price!

Product arrived earlier than expected in very compact packaging. Assembly was extremely easy, and the quality of the desk is great. Would definitely buy again!

Its perfect

The height is perfect. Easy to put together. I love it.

Best bang for your buck !

Everything came in safe and sound ! A lot of reviews on any desk Ive seen have a ton of people saying the packaging isnt good and their products come in damaged. That isnt the case here ! The packaging is on point and the quality of the table top and legs are outstanding ! Once put together it is very sturdy. I may have to get two more !! Definitely a bang for your buck :)

Best bang for your buck !

Everything came in safe and sound ! A lot of reviews on any desk Ive seen have a ton of people saying the packaging isnt good and their products come in damaged. That isnt the case here ! The packaging is on point and the quality of the table top and legs are outstanding ! Once put together it is very sturdy. I may have to get two more !! Definitely a bang for your buck :)

Perfect for the price!

Always wanted a dual monitor setup on a budget. Already had a 27" monitor and I found a cheap 21" monitor which looks similar. Nice finish on the stand and is very sturdy. Padding on the top side of the clamp but not the bottom so it wont damage the top of the desk but it could damage the underside of your desk if overtightened. Comes with different size screws, spacers and good quality allen keys.

Highly recommended if you are new to dual monitors or want a cheap mount.

Excellent table

This table's design and quality are excellent. The structure is simple and graceful and easy to assemble. The material is very solid with proper weight to hold on steady and to move around.

Love my new desk!

I took a gamble and it paid off hugely, the standing for work and seated for gaming or typing has been brilliant. Beyond happy with my new setup

Worth the money

So, I have been looking for SOMETHING to put in my garage as a "desk" or "work table".. I was originally going to put this in the home office, but the wife threw a big VETO!! I had seen some of these adjustable desks at Staples, Office Depot and Costco, at a higher price, so I took a flyer on this...
The box itself was about 100 lbs, and the Fedex guys did a great job of delivering it to my door... Thanks guys. Total of about 10 pieces to assemble (not including screws and bolts). The top IS particle board and it is 2 pieces, so not the sturdies, but for what I have planned, it should be fine. If I ever come across a 2" butchers block at a reasonable price, I will probably swap out the top. The assembey was pretty straight fwd, took me about 1 hour to assemble by myself in the garage with 95" heat index (if not higher).Over all I am very pleased with the product at this price point. I will post a video about 4-6 weeks from now, after I have used it more and seen what the quirks are! Thanks for looking and I hope this review helps you all make a more informed purchase...

Excellent height adjustable desk

If you are handy, there is no difficulty to assemble this desk. The package has included all tools except for a small Phillip screwdriver. After it is assembled, it is easy to use. The desk is very wide, the same width as the transitional office desk. You wont complain the computer monitors too close to your eyes. Definitely it is worth your money.

This is the working desk that I have been looking for.

I have looking for this type of desk for a long time and I found this is a good one with qualities.
1. easy to assemble
2. motor operates very quite
3. the transmission pole is very easy to install
4. cable management is very reasonable and easy to arrange
5. 4 different position level to setup into the memory keys
6. desktop pattern is great that I love very much

This is amazing

I got this about a couple of weeks ago, and I had to write a review about this, for the price this is the best one I've bought so far. ( I had a similar one from office depot, and it was cheaply made). This is roughly what I estimated maybe about 200ish lbs. Since I couldn't lift the box myself, I assume this must be very heavy in the upper 200lb range. the packaging is amazing.
I've never seen a heavy-weighted product are packed so nicely, usually, when I get something of this kind of weight, it has some sort of dent and scratches. I mean it's no big deal but for the money, I paid for shouldn't I get something that's well protected? Overall, after installation, the lifting process and the installation was very smooth and easy ( you might not understand the manual book, but look at the video, there's an URL link attached to one of the desk panel. just pay attention when you browse through the pieces) the video installation was very straight forward and easy to follow. But do be very careful with those metal pieces. They are very heavy, so take extra caution when you put them together ( I accidentally dropped it, and yea, there's a dent on my wood floor).
The desk size is probably one of the largest I've seen. It is perfect when you have 2-3 monitors (software development/stock analysis), might be a bit too big for the most rooms, so best for you to measure your room before you decide on the sizes.

Great spending

We received yesterday and we put it together. Not hard work and very simple. We tried it out last night. Great. It makes easy to WFH and I love it.

Well Worth the Price and Great Customer Service Support

The desk can be a challenge to assemble if you have limited space.
My desk had a defect in the rod used to raise and lower the desk. I reached out to customer service and was beyond impressed with their quick response and dedication to get my issue resolved. They sent me a replacement part which arrived in 2 days. I would definitely recommend this desk and products in general from this reliable vendor. The desk is also well worth the price in comparison to other vendors that have much higher price points.

Great Standing Desk with Solid Quality

Great product. When I assemble the desk, I can feel the material and parts are solid and heavy compared with my previous IKEA table. Especially those connects between parts are super sturdy and firm. Im planning to buy a 49 inch curved monitor on top of it because it can load heavy stuffs on. The motions going up and down are very smooth. The only issue was that a bag of screws were not sealed when I open the box. Fortunately the box was closed perfectly didn't lost any screw.

Excellent product.

Its arrived and Im very pleased with it. All the instructions made perfect sense. All the things you need to assemble, are all in well marked bags. Its pretty simple to put together. About 45 mins in total. Works brilliantly, and so much better than others I've seen, and way better value. Solid build and its great to have 4 Memory settings. Overall brilliant.

Inexpensive and delivers what you need from such a desk

Inexpensive and exactly what I was looking for.
The manual is a bit confusing, but after fixing the legs, you'll figure out the rest. Fixed a top from Brico, 120x80, fits perfectly. Sturdy and stable at any height.
Quite during operation and also quick.