Smart Lift Table, New Technology Product

The development and innovation of science and technology have put the home furnishing industry on the "train" of the intelligent era, and the furniture used in our lives has basically been intelligent.

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There is a smart lift table in smart furniture products, which can adjust the height of the desktop according to the different needs of different users, so that we no longer feel uncomfortable when we are office by the height of the desk. So what is a smart desk? How does it work?


In fact, the structure of the smart lift table is very simple, consisting of a table top, a table leg, a table frame, a motor, a central controller and a hand controller. Its working principle is to transmit the external electricity to the central controller, and then the central controller controls the operation of the motor, and the motor and the table legs are fixed together to control the table legs to move up and down, and the lifting of the table legs drives the lifting of the entire desktop, thereby achieving automation , That is, automatic lifting table.


Lift tables can be divided into automatic lift tables and manual lift tables.


The automatic lifting table can be raised and lowered freely, and the hand controller also has a memory function. There are four numbers to record different height gears. We can choose the height according to our needs, and click the M button on the hand controller to go up or down. In addition, the lifting process of the automatic lifting table is basically no noise, as long as the assembly is successful, it can be used directly, and the operation is simple and convenient.


In fact, the appearance of a manual lift table is not much different from that of an automatic lift table, but the operation method is different. The automatic lifting table needs electricity to drive the lifting, while the manual lifting table requires manual control by manpower. Compared with the automatic lifting table, it will be more laborious, and the height accuracy is slightly lower, and there is a certain amount of noise.


Automatic and manual lifting tables have their own advantages and disadvantages, but according to the lifting tables sold on the market, there is not much difference in prices between the two, and the automatic one is slightly more expensive than the manual one. If you need to buy an office desk, then the operation and noise of the manual desk may have a certain impact on your work efficiency and status. From this point of view, the automatic lifting table is more suitable.

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