Are Monitor Arms Necessary for Working?

In order to adjust your workstation to you, or especially for multiple users, in various positions sitting and standing, using separate adjustable monitor arms for your monitor and keyboard work better than one single surface that raises and lowers.

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The short reason for this is that the monitor arms make it easy to adjust both the monitor(s) separately and appropriately from proper keyboard adjustment, which can be important when in a reclining seated position.


Then, when you get tired of standing you can sit down to a sitting workstation. The extending monitor arms become important here because you are reclining backward, but you want to keep your elbows at your side and your hands in neutral position, which changes if you're reclining.


The whole idea is to have equipment like monitor arms that will support your body, at ALL angles, during your work's requirements. You want to expend as little muscular effort as possible to do your work so that the muscles don't fatigue from static loading so quickly, which requires assistance from other supporting muscles for strength, effort and proprioception. The least effort you have to expend is the best, and the best equipment and setup will allow you to do that.


Monitor arms are solid, easy to install, easy to adjust and to clear work space. Maidesite Desk produces monitor arms as well, with Maidesite monitor arms, you will enjoy a more efficient office.

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