What are Some Stand Up Desk Tips?

Stand up desks are common office furniture for a few years. It's also necessary to use stand-up desk in a correct way, and I wanna share some tips with you:


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Alternate Between Sitting and Standing

Try to alternate between sitting and standing. Prolonged sitting is harmful to your health, which is proven by science. To switch between sitting and standing is the reason stand up desks are designed. Early research suggests you should only spend 1 hour standing for every 1–2 hours sitting.


Adjust Your Desk and Screen

Adjust your desk and screen for your height. Your desk should align with your elbows, while the top of the screen should be at eye level. At which height, you will be comfortable while standing, and your neck is comfortable with the proper height.


Purchase an Anti-Fatigue Mat

The ideal wrist position differs slightly between standing and sitting, so consider this when using your stand up desk. Standing on a tough floor is not comfortable, anti-fatigue mats are ergonomic and comfortable for your feet.


Use Arm Supports

Attaching an arm support to your desk may help with shoulder and neck problems, especially on the side of your dominant hand. With an arm support, you can adjust the screen as well. A suggestion is that dual arm supports are better than single arm support.


Remember to Take Breaks

Try using an automated software or app to remind you to take regular breaks throughout the day. Even though standing desks are designed to transition between sitting and standing, people should move from time to time.


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