What are the National Standards for Electric Standing Desks?

Nowadays, electric standing desks are widely used and are also very recognized. There are national standards for the standards of electric standing desks. The following editor will introduce the national standards for office and home electric standing desks.

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  1. The power of the electric standingdeskis electricity. The height of the desk legs is adjusted by the direct current drive mechanical device. The national standard of the electric standing desk allows a deviation of no more than 3%.


  1. The appearance requirements must meet the requirements of GB/T3325, and the mechanical properties of the product must meet the national standards of the country.


  1. Hazardous substances should meet the requirements of GB18584, and the adaptation environment is 20-30 degrees Celsius.


  1. The continuous standingtime of the standingdesk is more than four minutes.


  1. The standingdeskmust be equipped with position signal abnormal protection.


  1. The vertical height of the edge of the desklegs also has corresponding regulations. It must pass the test of mechanical properties and meet the test before it can be sold.


  1. Adjust the desktop to be no more than 800 mm away from the ground, which is one of the standards for detecting horizontal intensity.


There are many national standards for electric standing desks, but the main content is probably the ones introduced above. I hope that the summary of the editor will be helpful for everyone to understand electric standing desks. If you need more detailed information, you can check the relevant website. There are strict regulations for electric standing desks, so you must find a regular manufacturer to purchase, so as to ensure the quality.

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