Is an electric lifting table worth buying?

In our daily life, long time focusing on work, reading or writing, it is inevitable to sit for two or three hours, or even to sit for a day, so busy to forget everything, to sleep and eat. Sometimes it’s a lot of work, and sometimes it’s stressful at work and not paying attention to rest. Therefore, after a long time, it is easy to suffer from a body's problems, such as lumbar muscle strain.

 lifting table for sale

But is an electric lifting table with a price tag of thousands, really worth buying?


To judge whether a product is worth buying, the first consideration should be whether its material and function are value for money. Take the Maidesite electric lift table as an example:


The Maidesite electric lifting table uses healthy and environmentally friendly plates, which are lower than the national E1 formaldehyde emission; the steel frame silane ceramic surface treatment process, no phosphorus pollution, smooth and flat and not easy to peel. In terms of material selection, it is more outstanding than most businesses' lifting tables


In terms of functionality. The Maidesite electric lifting table conforms to the height adjustment of the public. The lifting range is 720-1210mm, and it is equipped with a four-level height memory function, which can meet the daily height needs of most people.


The new-generation motor controls the lifting. The high-quality motor ensures that the lifting is not stuck. The lifting speed is 32mm/s, and the lifting process is as stable as Mount Tai. The overall load-bearing capacity is 80kg, and under full load, the lifting sound is still stable without noise; under no load, the lifting sound is less than 45 decibels, which is lower than the keyboard knocking sound.


Not only that, the Midst Lifting Table also has the function of retreat when encountering obstacles. It can stop running and return to the original position when encountering obstacles during the lifting process, avoiding damage or damage to the internal accessories of the table due to obstacles during the lifting process. Human injury.


In summary, I think Maidesite’s lifting table is more attractive than other businesses in terms of material and performance, but whether the smart lifting table is worth buying or not depends on personal opinion. If you are interested, you can go to the Maidesite website to find out more.

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